Village & Club Magazine Printing

We have been printing village, parish and club magazines for many years, so have the experience and expertise to deliver the best print options for your publication.  


We understand the pressures on Editors of these publications, and do everything we can to help alleviate these.  We have no minimum or maximum print quantities, and are happy to print exactly the number of magazines you need.  We use the latest in digital presses which allows excellent quality and fast turnaround.

Because we automate many processes, our prices are very competitive. 

We can print in black only, black and red or full colour.  Once printed, we staple, fold and front edge trim all our booklets on our automated machine for excellent quality booklets.


Why Choose Easiprint?

  • Over 17 years experience in printing village publications
  • No minimum order quantity
  • FREE delivery
  • Fast turnaround, usually within 1-2 days
  • Quantity banding available
  • Unlimited help with files and artwork available
  • The latest print methods
  • No upfront payment required

One of our most popular print formats is an A5 booklet, with colour printed cover and black and white inside pages.  It gives a quality feel and encourages readership, all at an affordable price.  You can also add revenue by charging a premium rate for full colour adverts on the back page, whilst retaining the front cover for a nice glossy photo. 

Paxton Post Case Study

The Paxton Post is the village magazine for the village of Great Paxton, in Cambridgeshire, with a circulation of approximately 400 copies.  It had been published for many years as a black and white A5 booklet, until 2016 when publication ceased as a new editor could not be found.  

In May 2017, Easiprint was approached by the Great Paxton Parish Council to put together a proposal to re-launch the Paxton Post.  Easiprint put together a proposal to relaunch the magazine, and also take over the editing and layout.  Now sporting a new full colour glossy cover, with a mix of colour and mono inner pages, the magazine has a new fresh, inviting look and feel.  Not only has the magazine been updated with colour added, we have also saved the Parish Council money!

Easiprint has many years experience in printing village magazines, and can offer a solution to suit your needs.  Whether you just need printing, or complete management of the project, let us show you how we can help. 

Our prices are very competitive and delivery times unbeatable!


Feedback from Great Paxton Parish Council:

"Councillors are delighted with the new look and the content of the first issue.  Thank you for all your endeavours in getting the Paxton Post up and running again!"

These are a few of the publications we currently print

Add some impact by adding some spot red print to your pages without breaking the bank.  Ask for details!

Supplying artwork

We are happy to accept artwork in many formats.  We prefer PDF where possible, but are just as happy with Publisher, Word, Hard Copy, etc...


Next Steps?

We are confident we can offer you an unrivalled print service for your publication.  

For samples, quotes or any help, please EMAIL us or give us a call.

I'm sure you will be glad you did.