1.1 Payment for all orders is due with order unless a pre-approved credit account is held with Easiprint Limited. Delayed payment will delay the start of any print order. Print will commence upon receipt of cleared funds. We will not allow goods to be taken without payment being made.
1.2 Credit accounts are available upon request and are offered at our discretion. Any credit account not paid within the agreed terms shall be placed on stop. We then reserve the right to ask for full payment of all invoices and / or to remove the credit facilities.
1.3 Any cheques returned by our bank as unpaid will be charged a £15 administration fee, and cleared payment will be required within three working days.
1.4 We reserve the right to pass all overdue accounts to our debt recovery company and pass on all costs incurred to the customer.
1.5 We reserve the right to ask for payment with order on all accounts, including approved credit accounts at our discretion.
1.6 We reserve the right to charge an admin fee on all overdue accounts of £20.
1.7 Payments received from international banks shall be subject to a fee of £15 to cover bank charges incurred.

2.1 Delivery of the work will be accepted when tendered.
2.2 Delivery dates are a guide only, and whilst we make every effort to adhere to the dates quoted, we do not guarantee any delivery dates.
2.3 If an order is required by a specific date, it is down to the customer to check this will be possible before placing any order. We accept no responsibility for any losses incurred due to delivery dates.
2.4 Failed deliveries due to incorrect address details or no-one being available to accept delivery at the stated delivery address on two or more occasions will incur a Return To Sender charge of £15.

3.1 Please specify with order if proofs are required prior to printing. Once a proof has been approved, we cannot be held liable for any mistakes which may come to light afterwards. Proofs are for customers to make the final approval of the artwork.
3.2 If no proof is requested, we cannot accept any liability for any errors.
3.3 At our discretion, we reserve the right to add our imprint on printed matter unless you ask us not to do so.

4.1 The customer shall be responsible for obtaining the necessary authority to reproduce any pictures, maps, artwork, text, etc. The customer shall indemnify Easiprint Limited from any claim arising thereof.
4.2 All artwork created by Easiprint Limited shall remain the property of Easiprint Limited unless an artwork fee has been paid by the customer. Artwork shall only be released if this fee had been paid. If artwork is released, it will be in the form of an unlocked pdf file.

5.1 The customer is responsible for checking that goods are suitable for their intended use before they are used. Reprints or refunds will only be made upon return of all faulty goods.
5.2 Any damage, faults or shortages must be reported to us within 3 working days of delivery.
5.3 Refunds will only be made if there is an error proved to be the fault of Easiprint Limited and we are unable to reprint to a commercial acceptable standard. In all other cases, a reprint or credit note will be issued.
5.4 If a refund is agreed, this will be made within 30 days of the agreement.

6.1 Due to tolerances in printing presses, inks, papers, etc, we are unable to guarantee an exact colour match. In all cases we will print to a commercially acceptable standard. Small variations between proofs and runs will be deemed acceptable. If no colour match is requested, artwork will be printed as supplied and Easiprint Limited accepts no liability for inaccurate colour prints. Note, printed jobs will rarely match the colours displayed on monitors.

7.1 All quotations remain valid for 30 days
7.2 All quotations are subject to sight of artwork and may be revised if necessary upon sight of artwork.

8.1 Anything you send us is at your own risk.
8.2 If we are printing on customer supplied stocks, we take no responsibility for any wastage or damage caused. A minimum of 10% over will be required.

9.1 Title to goods remains with Easiprint Limited until payment has been made in full.
9.2 In the event of non payment we reserve the right to collect goods and/or contact addresses where we believe goods may be.

10. VAT
10.1 VAT is payable on all applicable goods. Exempt goods include leaflets, booklets, price lists and order of services.
10.2 In the event of a dispute as the VAT rating of an order, our decision will be final.

11.1 All quantities supplied are subject to a 5% variance in either direction.

12.1 Orders may only be cancelled in writing, including email. All work carried out up to the point of Easiprint Limited confirming the cancellation shall be chargeable to the customer, including any specially ordered stocks and time spent on artwork.
12.2 Customer cancelled orders are not entitled to a refund. Any monies left after deducting the work carried out to the point of cancellation will be issued as a credit note.

13.1 From time to time we may use printed overs or photographs of jobs as samples of our work for other clients or in our promotional activities. If you do not wish us to use your print in this way, please let us know in writing by post or email.

14.1 Under no circumstances do we accept liability beyond the invoiced value of the work we have supplied. Neither do we accept any liability for any consequential losses however so incurred.

15.1 Easiprint Limited shall not be liable for any failure or delay if such failure or delay is beyond the reasonable control of Easiprint Limited and could not reasonably have been foreseen or provided against. This includes, but is not limited to, events such as fire, flood, interruptions to power supplies and any other events which could not have been foreseen.