New Products · 01. March 2018
NEW to Easiprint's Website Printed Envelopes - printed in black ink. Perfect for business reply envelopes, church collection envelopes and so much more.. And they are are unbeatable prices as always!!! Have a look now HERE
New Products · 28. January 2018
They're back on our site! Table Talkers, perfect for cafes, bars and restaurants
Anything Else! · 29. December 2017
We've just dropped the price of our promotional notepads! What better way to spread your company name than by handing out promotional notepads to you clients? Not only are you getting your company name on your clients desk everyday, but you are also spreading the word even further every time your client makes a note and hands it to someone else. Win-Win!! And now, it's even more affordable with our new lower prices. Have a look at the new range here.
New Products · 29. December 2017
New to Easiprint!! Economy Mass Marketing A6 Cards Perfect for mass door-drops for any tradesman. A6 in size and printed on 250gsm uncoated card in black ink, these cards are the perfect solution, with the right combination of size, price and paper weight. The rigid 250gsm card makes posting through letterboxes easy, and starting from just £25, the price won't break the bank!! Have a look now at our Economy Mass Marketing Cards
That's interesting! · 28. December 2017
Ever wondered where the terms Uppercase and Lowercase came from? No, me neither, but it's quite interesting! Back in the mid 15th century, Letterpress printing was invented by Johannes Gutenberg. It involved using 'type', which were individual letters, usually made from metal, which had to be inserted into slip-cases to make up words and sentences one letter at a time. Once the printed page had been composed, ink was run over the typewith a rubber roller which was then impressed onto the page,...
New Products · 28. December 2017
New Printed Hard Covers for documents now available
Guides · 28. July 2017
Get perfect print by following our guide to print files
Guides · 23. November 2016
What is bleed? On any print project, if the print needs to go right to the edge of the page, we will require the artwork to have a bleed. This is an extension of the artwork past the final size of the product.
That's interesting! · 23. November 2016
One of our biggest sellers are our economy A5 leaflets. Printed onto white 80gsm bond paper in one ink colour, they really are a value for money way to promote your business. Today, we're producing a run of 2500 A5 economy leaflets in blue ink for a local carpenter and builder. As we print our products here in our own factory in St Neots, I thought we would give yo a little behind the scenes view of what goes on. Our economy leaflets are printed on a Risograph machine, with a print speed of up...
Customer Jobs worth sharing · 22. November 2016
Looking for a low cost way to boost your business? Our economy leaflets are just the job.